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Combining all the grace and elegance of the classic jazz singers with the ringing power and authority of the great blues shouters, Louise Grasmere has a voice that will lift you out of your seat and into the heavens — a vocalist with extraordinary emotional depth and an ability to embody the soul of each song she sings.  Her sound is compelling, haunting at times, angry, powerful, full of love and passion and always deeply real.

Performing in and around Boston in sold-out concerts for decades, Grasmere is a local jazz and blues legend with a devoted grass-roots following. Her sound is wholly her own – a unique fusion of jazz-influenced rhythm and blues seasoned with Motown, gospel and soul. Think Bonnie Raitt laced with the smooth landscapes of Joni Mitchell, the imaginative improvisations of Ella Fitzgerald, and the gritty authenticity of Big Mama Thornton.

Grasmere's discography includes two solo cds; "No Detour Ahead", recorded in 2000 and "Blue Ain't Only Blue" from 2006. "Blue Ain't Only Blue" was voted in the top 5 blues albums of 2006 by the Boston Herald.  Both discs are a combination of jazz, blues, soul and funk. More recently, Grasmere, Eric Kilburn, Jonathan Singleton and Fred Griffeth recorded a roots and blues acoustic album with their band "Meeting Across the Water". 

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